Heroes Exhibition

When I was around the age of sixteen and my musical tastes began to expand, the best place for me to hear new music was on the John Peel show on Radio One and in the music papers - NME, Sounds and Melody Maker. Purchasing those papers became a weekly ritual for myself and my friends, all of us eager to read about our favourite bands and to discover new ones coming through.

The images and photographs of the bands also became an integral part of my world. I would cut out my favourite pictures, captions and even remove the cover if my favourite band was on it. Carefully sticking them on the walls of my bedroom, creating an altar to worship my musical heroes.

Those teenage days were the main inspiration for the works produced for this exhibition. The technique of collage has been used as the base for each individual piece. This is to emulate how I decorated my bedroom walls.

Each artwork is a homage to each artist, creating a pop art shrine to each one. There is also a piece called 'Bedroom Wall Alter', which is my way of recreating one of the walls in my room.

The t-shirts created were my nod to the different band t-shirts I used to wear in order to express what one I was in to and which tribe I belonged to. 

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